Snack Bags Pose Suffocation Risk to Pets

National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week is next week and we wanted to shine a bright light on this topic. Did you know that snack bags pose a suffocation risk to pets? Chip bags are irresistible to pets. Dogs and cats will put their heads inside of a bag of chips or another snack item, and the bag will tighten when the pet inhales. The pet can suffocate to death in less than 5 minutes.

How can you prevent this unthinkable accident from happening?

  • Store food in plastic containers with openings too small for a pet’s head.
  • Serve snacks in a bowl rather than eating them out of a bag.
  • Cut empty bags along the entire top and bottom and down one side before disposal. Alternatively, you can tie bags in a knot before disposal or tear or cut open at least one side or the bottom. 
  • Put trash in tightly covered bins and preferably behind closed doors.
  • Keep kitchen pantry door closed.
  • Learn CPR for pets.
  • Do not allow your pets to roam freely in the house while you are away.
  • Alert all your friends and family about the suffocation dangers of bags.
  • Educate pet sitters and babysitters about pet suffocation prevention.
  • Be extra vigilant during family and holiday gatherings.

Most pet owners do not know this is possible! Now you are aware that this can happen and how to prevent the most unthinkable accident from claiming the life of one of your pets.