The Luckiest Pet Names

As we head into March, our thoughts are filled with four leaf clovers, pots of gold and leprechauns. But let's not forget the luck of the Irish. When it comes to luck, do you think there is such a thing as lucky pet names? Human beings tend to be very superstitious when it comes to naming their child, but what about naming their pet?

Dog owners seem to be affected by such superstitions about names, which probably explains why "Lucky" and "Happy" are popular dog names. A recent survey of dog owners in New York City has shown that the most popular name for a female dog is Bella, which means "beautiful" and for a male dog the top name is Max which means "greatest".

According to the team at PDSA Pet Insurance these are the top 10 luckiest pet names (from the most lucky down):

Other lucky names and their meanings:

Boy Names
Asher - means fortunate
Faust - name that is often used to mean fortune
Felix - Latin for fortunate and happy
Edmund - refers to the fortunate protector
Merrit - Latin for a person that is deserving of fortune
Bobby - after Scotland's iconic lucky dog

Girl Names
Seven - a lucky number
Clover - four leaf clovers are considered good luck
Halona - Native American for happy fortune
Taaliyah - Hebrew for gentle and lucky
Lass - Irish for a young fortunate girl
Evangeline - someone who brings lucky news
Felicity - good fortune

Bringing a canine into your life automatically makes you a lucky person because there is nothing as wonderful as the companionship of a four-legged buddy. But if you lean towards the superstitious side it might make you feel better to choose a name “scientifically” proven to be lucky.