Should You Dress Up Your Pet?

There might not ever be a right or wrong answer to the question regarding dressing up your pets, as long as you're doing no harm. But it will definitely be on everyone's mind on January 14th. Why? Because it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day! 

You know your dog’s temperament better than anyone. If they have the patience and don’t mind an occasional fashion show, go for it! Many dogs enjoy the extra attention. Then again, is your pet shy or sensitive? It’s probably not a great idea.

If you do go for it, make sure there are no hazards, which come in all shapes and sizes. For example, a scarf that can get wrapped too tightly. Or accessories that can be choked on if swallowed just in case your dog decides to take a bite out of their outfit! 

And speaking of outfit, make sure it fits well! Most come in one size fits all, so getting a great fit for your pet might be harder than anticipated. If the outfit is too large, it might slip around and get caught on furniture, or create a tripping hazard. If the outfit is too small, there might be discomfort to the body, restricting movement or causing your pet to overheat.

If your pet's outfit includes a hat or hood, it might restrict your pet from seeing clearly or muffle their hearing. When an outfit changes your pet's perception of the world around them, it makes for a scary experience. 

Any outfit you are considering should be carefully examined to make sure they don't contain any buttons, snaps, fasteners or metal parts that could cause choking or internal injuries.

The bottom line? If your dog will happily wear a hat for a quick photo to amuse you, that’s great. If your dog has a legitimate need to get dressed, go for it! If your dog is upset or uncomfortable in clothing? Better to pass.