5 Reasons Your Pet Makes the Best Valentine's Date

Breaking mews! In 2020, American households spent an estimated $751.3 million on gifts for their cats and dogs on Valentine’s Day. If pet owners are spending that much on their furry companions then I think we can all agree that they also make better dates than the two-legged kind. So, if you're not attached to someone this year, make Valentine's Day a date for you and your pet, as there are many reasons the furry kind are better dates then the human kind. 

1) Pets don’t care if you are “presentable” or not. You don’t have to buy expensive shoes to hang out with your pet. You don’t even have to shower. Just head out on a couple of hikes, toss a ball around, dole out a healthy belly rub and you’re golden! No makeup, no ironing, no Spanx required.

2) You don’t have to share your dessert with a dog (and probably shouldn’t). This is great because dessert is the best part about Valentine’s Day and all that stuff conveniently makes pets sick. So you get your chocolates all to yourself.

3) Pet snuggles are the best. Okay, snuggles from a human can be pretty darn good too, but when Fido nuzzles into the nape of your neck and huffs a grumbly sigh, you’ll stay in that exact same position for ages so you don’t disrupt the little mutt’s comfort. 

4) You will never have to dream up a way to gently/firmly/sneakily “get rid” of a pet. Because you’d never want to get rid of a pet! Pets are fun, and funny, and goofy, and handily clean food right off the kitchen floor for you when you drop it. Dates seem to think that kind of thing is below them.

5) Pets don't talk. Enough said!