What Human Foods are Okay for Cats?

If you go down the cat food aisle you might notice that many foods that humans eat are also ingredients in cat food. Some include: chicken, turkey, salmon, and tuna as well as carbohydrates such as rice, oats, peas, and potatoes.

Cats can and do eat many of the same foods people eat, but it's important to keep these ingredients balanced and working together to provide the right nutrient profile for your kitty's health.

What Human Foods are Okay for Cats?
Cats can eat a small amount of lean meat that has been prepared with no additional fat or seasonings. This includes:

  • Boiled, skinless chicken without seasonings
  • Fish without seasonings
  • Beef without seasonings
  • Pork without seasonings

Remember, these types of food are best offered as treats and not as a replacement to formulated cat foods

How Much Human Food is Okay for Cats?
If you do want to feed some human food to your cat, do it sparingly. For meat, make sure the portion is less than an inch of meat and limit feeding human food to your cat to a few times a week, or at most once a day.

If you find yourself up against a cat who won't eat any brand of prepared cat food, it's always best to check with your veterinarian to rule out any medical problems. They will provide the best dietary advice on what human foods to choose to help keep a finnicky cat healthy and happy.