Dog Mom Gift Guide

As Mother’s Day approaches, the dog-loving community has their own special occasion to look forward to. Dog moms are finally getting the recognition they deserve with their own national holiday on Saturday, May 8th!

The Washington Post reported that three-quarters of Americans in their thirties—prime childbearing years—own dogs. It seems as though more women today are choosing to have a dog instead of having a child, and although the reasons for this may vary, one thing is for sure: Dog moms will go above and beyond for their four-legged companions.

It's time to treat her on dog moms day and we have the perfect gift guide to get you started. 

Custom Pet Portrait
Send a photo of her pet and you'll likely find any one of these artists painting her sweet fur baby just like they actually look in real life.

Custom Dog Blanket
Design and Create the perfect personalized Blanket with her dog's face on it. I mean, how can you go wrong!

Personalized T-Shirt
So she can let everyone know who's mom she is!

Matching Sweater Sets
Can you say twinning! What dog mom doesn't want to match her fur baby.

Custom Key Chain
Let her bring her pup with her wherever she goes!