Can Pets Have a Career Too?

With National Take Your Dog to Work Day coming up on June 25th, it got us thinking, can pets have careers too? Every pet has its own personality trait distinctive from the other. Based on these characteristics, can you imagine a profession for your pet?

Here are a few jobs that would look very different with canines doing them.

Advertising Executive – Every page of a magazine would feature a scented ad.

Police Officer – To get away, criminals caught in the act would simply toss a stick.

Nurse – Treatment for a head cold? Licking. Treatment for festering wound? Licking. I think you get the idea.

Mail Carrier – After fetching the mail, the canine carrier would wait at the door for you to toss it back.

Chef – To perfect the dish, dog chefs constantly taste the food. Unfortunately, nothing ever gets served.

Mystery Writer – In the end, it’s always the cat who commits the murder.

Park Maintenance Worker – The parks would be emptied of dropped hot dogs, chicken wings, and squirrels.

Baseball Player – The game would change since all dogs play defense all the time.

Scientist – We’d no longer have GMOs in our food. But we’d be much closer to knowing how to keep socks stinky even after washing.

Transportation Engineers – All roads would lead to the park. And maybe the ice cream stand.

Some of us are born knowing exactly what we should do with our lives. Some of us spend a lifetime figuring it out.