4 Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Where were we before podcasts? How did we drive long drives? Did we have to talk to the people in the car with us? Stare out the window? What did we do?! From the wide overviews to murder stories to news coverage to specific niches on just about every subject. Of course, that includes all things dog.

According to Nielsen Podcast Buying Power data, the percent of the adult U.S. population listening to podcasts has grown more than 40% in the past three years. Lucky for us dog lovers, there are plenty of new (and some old) dog-centric podcasts to keep us entertained, laughing, crying, and learning.

This gem of a show has been around since 2015 and is admittedly coming to an end in the spring of 2022. But with over 300 episodes backlogged to catch up on, and still airing every Tuesday for now, dog owners Renee Colvert and Alexis B. Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss the pooches they’ve met that week, and cover any and all canine-related news. If you like comedy stuff and dog stuff, this is the show for you. It is funny! And it’s about dogs! They also feature popular segments like the “My Mutt Minute” where listeners submit one-minute voice recordings about their own pups. Can I Pet Your Dog? has a large, active Facebook group where fans become friends and join together for lots of delightful dog-loving expression (and pictures.)

A podcast for the modern dog parent, Carly Parish hosts With A Dog and seeks out the answers to all our dog questions. She interviews trainers, veterinarians, business owners and awesome pet parents to uncover everything she can about all things pet care. This lifestyle show airs every Wednesday and touches on topics from health and wellness to travel to animal welfare and more. But Carly really connects with her guests regardless of the subject matter, like when she makes sure to ask what they’re reading or watching on TV. It’s a fun, heartfelt show that really homes in on how much we adore our dogs, how to maximize our bond with them, and how to ensure that both dogs and the people who love them benefit as much as possible from this special relationship.

Tune in and listen to two veterinarians talk shop. Dr. Mike (The Bow Tie Vet Guy) and Dr. Scott chat with other animal lovers and professionals about the most pressing, silly or interesting topics that the animal kingdom faces, issues big or small. This bimonthly show is the equivalent of eavesdropping on vets chatting at a cocktail party – did we mention there is always a fancy cocktail featured (and consumed) in each episode? Recipes included! It’s the banter between them that makes this show extra engaging. Dr. Mike grew up in Iowa but practices in Los Angeles where he caters to many of the rich and famous. Dr. Scott grew up on a farm in the Midwest, and has practiced in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. The Vets Unleashed focuses on the myriad of ways we care for animals, while over drinks, but it also tracks an ongoing friendship of 25 years.

This podcast somehow manages to discuss dog training with humor. It’s the perfect mix of science and heart, animal-learning nerdiness and animal-loving passion. Hannah Branigan goes in depth each month as she talks about the principles of behavior, but she does it in a conversational, practical way, breaking things down to make sense so they’re digestible concepts for the average pet owner. Drinking From The Toilet fills a nice niche by delving into the space where positive reinforcement philosophy and its reality meet, which is in the home, in real time, in life. Hannah makes sure to encourage techniques that are effective and enjoyable for everyone involved, including the dog.