Why Grooming Your Cat is Important

While most cat owners get their cat groomed to keep their cat looking their best, many overlook just how important proper grooming is. Grooming is an integral part of your cat’s health and well-being and even a short-coated cat can suffer from a lack of grooming.

Prevent Fleas & Ticks
One of the main reasons to bathe your cat is to prevent flea and tick infestations. Although bathing alone is sometimes not enough to get rid of these nasty pests, it will help you spot them and will kill the ones on your cat. Once you know they’re there, you can remove them safely and take further action to eliminate the pests.

Eliminate Discomfort
Grooming eliminates discomfort in many ways. First, brushing is something that feels very good to most cats. With the right brush, your kitty will feel like they’re getting a nice massage while you remove dead hair, stimulate new growth and brings your cat’s natural oils to their skin. Further, it helps prevent matting on longer coats. If your cat’s coat does matt easily, removing those matts will help your kitty feel better.

Matting pulls on the skin and coat and is not only painful but often the cause of sores. Removing dirt and debris out of your cat’s coat will also make them more comfortable, prevent further matting and replenish their skin and coat

Protect Feet
Nail trimming is probably one of the most overlooked parts of general cat care. But long nails aren’t just an eyesore, they are unhealthy and uncomfortable for your cat as well. Domestic cats often need extra help, as they don’t use their claws as much as feral cats do, and overgrown nails can grow into your cats feet and cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Keep Ear Infections Away
Cats need their ears cleaned regularly, especially those prone to ear infections. This is more common in long-coated cats than others. Still, keeping the inside of your cat’s ears clean of wax build up, fluid, dirt and debris will prevent ear infections, ear mites and other ailments. Plus, it’ll help your feline friend feel more comfortable.

Check for Abnormalities While Grooming Your Cat
One of the great benefits of grooming is that you or your regular groomer will become more familiar with the marks on your cat’s skin. You’ll soon be able to quickly feel any underlying lumps and bumps and spot any changes on your cat’s skin should something go awry. Early detection is important for all diseases, so using regular grooming to help go over your cat’s body will improve your chances of finding anything abnormal early on.