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Traveling North with Your Pet

One of Phoenix resident’s favorite things to do during the winter is to head north. Especially those who come from colder climates, there’s nothing better than seeing snow and bundling up during the holiday season and winter months. If you’re bringing your dog, make sure you’re packed and ready to go before the journey begins. 

Road Trip Essentials
During your road trip, make sure your dog stays warm and safe while traveling. We recommend bringing a few extra towels and blankets from home so they can curl up while in the car.. You can also add towels to their crate if that is your preferred method of transportation. That will keep them warm and secure for the duration 

Keep the Fur
Avoid shaving your pet too short or down to their skin during the winter. Their long coat will provide plenty of warmth for the desert dogs who are used to the hot Phoenix sun. However, you should keep their hair trimmed and brushed to avoid any clumps of snow and ice forming in their fur as they walk around. 

Paw Safety
When walking around town or simply going out to go potty, make sure your pet’s paws are protected from the snow and ice. Just like Phoenix summers, booties are a great way to keep their sensitive pads safe from the elements. Snow, ice, sand and salt can get in the cracks and crevices and cause discomfort and irritation. Pack a small towel that you can use to quickly wipe off their paws and stomach with. 

One of the most popular activities to take on when heading to Northern Arizona is hiking through the beautiful scenery our state has to offer. Other than protecting their paws,  make sure you protect their body from losing heat. Harnesses with extra padding can provide necessary warmth. Also, make sure you have plenty of food and water, even though it’s not 100 degrees in the mountains. 

Make sure you and your pup stay safe this winter while you’re out of Phoenix. Take the necessary precautions to keep warm! To learn more about winter weather safety, please contact our team today!