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How Much Sleep Should Your Pet Get?

We’ve all heard the phrases, “let sleeping dogs lie” and “cat nap”, but have you ever wondered how much sleep is normal for animals? Well, wonder no more! Keep reading to learn all about pets and their sleeping habits 



Just like it is for humans, sleep is an important part of a dog’s health. The size, age and breed of a dog will ultimately determine how much you’ll find your dog snoozing but usually it is around 12-14 hours of the day. Puppies will need more, just like babies, and so will older dogs, just like elderly humans. 

Bigger breeds are known to doze off more during the day and the level of activity a dog has also greatly affects the amount of sleep. Working dogs and breeds that are meant for specific tasks (i.e. herding dogs or service dogs) have their attention held most of the day and are active as opposed to house dogs that can spend their time sleeping whenever they please. 

Just like humans, dogs have a sleep cycle that includes REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep. Ever see your dog twitching and wonder if they are dreaming? They probably are, and they are probably in REM sleep. Unlike humans however, who spend about 25 percent of their sleep in this cycle, dogs tend to only be in REM sleep for about 10 percent of the time. 

It is common for dogs to sleep a majority of the day, and the only time it should be of concern is if they are excessively sleeping and their habits drastically change. This can be due to certain illnesses and should be looked at by your vet. 



On average a cat sleeps about 15 hours a day, but some can sleep anywhere from 20- 24 hours at a time! But this should come as no surprise, that’s kind of what cats are known for. 

Cats, unlike dogs are crepuscular, meaning they are most active between dusk and dawn. This also traces back to their predator and hunter background. On the off chance you do find your cat awake, it’s probably closer to night time. 

Another big difference between the sleeping habits of dogs and cats is the amount of deep sleep they are getting. Cats are only in a deep sleep for about 5 minutes and then come back to a light doze. They sprawl out and position themselves so that they are ready to spring up if needed. 

Just like dogs, the only cause for concern when it comes to sleeping cats is if their habits change drastically from their typical day to day routine. 

If you ever have questions or concerns about your pets or just want to bring them in for a check-up, please make an appointment with us! Visit our website or call at (602) 559-9600.