National Pet Day

Our favorite day of the year is tomorrow!! National Pet Day comes around every year on April 11th and it’s a great excuse to shower your pets with love and thank them for all they do for us, because when you think about it, pets really make our lives so much better. 

Around 44% of US households own dogs and around 35% own cats. This also means there are around 78 million dogs and 85 million cats in the United States alone. Many pets also include small critters like rabbits, gerbils, birds, turtles and fish. Whatever kind of pet you have though, they are worth celebrating! 

This day was originally started to promote the importance of pet adoption and that is why the motto of this day is “Don’t shop, adopt”, which is something we’ve talked about before and promote heavily. We believe every animal deserves a great home and there are so many of them in shelters and pounds that never get the life they truly deserve. 

There are so many ways to celebrate National Pet Day! Take your dog for a nice long walk or let them swim in the pool, even treat them to a nice dinner or sweet treat (but make sure all the foods are okay for them to eat first). 

And what about kitties? Treat them with some catnip or a new scratching post. You could even take them to your local vet for a checkup to make sure they are doing as well as they can! Even if you don’t have pets or want to contribute to the greater community of pets, this is a great day to donate money or volunteer at an animal shelter. 

Pets make the world a better place, and we would all probably be a lot worse off if we didn’t have a furry friend to come home to at night. Visit our website or call (602) 559-9600 to set up an appointment today to make sure you can celebrate many more pet days in the future with your