Help Your Pet Love The Vet

Every single pet will see a vet in their lifetime, but they don’t have to associate the vet with bad feelings. If you find your pet frightened or fearful when coming to the vet, there are a few tricks that can help them calm down, and eventually love their vet visits.


The best way to get a pet to associate the vet with a positive feeling is treats. Whether your pet is fearful before you walk in the door, or after the visit, a few treats can improve their mood. If you’re still in the car and your pet is feeling stressed, wait until they calm down, and then give them a treat. This will help them understand that everything is fine. If your pet is feeling stressed after a visit, wait until they calm down, while still in the building, and then give them a treat.

Leave on a positive note

You want to make sure you always leave the office on a positive note. If your pet feels frightened by something, or becomes fearful, leaving right away will make them think of the veterinarian office as a scary place. It’s important to calm them down before they leave. This could mean treats, bringing along their favorite toys, or even feeding them a meal in the office. 

Test Runs

If your pet seems to be extremely fearful of the vet, a few visits where nothing happens can help ease their mind. On a day that you have time, you can bring them in, give them a treat, and leave once they’ve calmed down. After a few of these test runs, your pet will be less fearful of the vet. Keeping up with the other tips listed will ensure their positive view of the vet sticks.

Here at Laveen Veterinary Center, we want to make your pet’s visit comfortable. Following these tips will keep your pet loving the vet, for many visits in the future. If you have any questions, or concerns about bringing in a fearful or stressed pet, call us at 602-559-9600. We would love to help make the visit as easy as possible.