Grooming Cats

When it comes to grooming cats, you must think very differently than you would for a dog. Cats often do not tolerate getting groomed. But they are able to keep themselves pretty clean without you even doing anything. However, when you do need to groom your kitty, here are some important tips to keep in mind. 

The upkeep of your cat depends entirely on the cat. The length of hair, age, and tolerance to grooming are all things to keep in mind. The shorter the hair, the less you need to brush them and typically less shedding occurs. If your cat is healthy and younger, you may not have to worry about grooming them as much because they can do it themselves. Older cats tend to be less inclined to clean themselves, so you have to be more involved. A few at-home grooming tips to keep in mind include bathing, brushing, and nail care. 


A common idea around cats is that they HATE water, which for the most part is true. If they don’t have to get a full on bath, they would prefer not to. However, some cats actually enjoy getting baths, in which case, bath away. In the off chance that you have to give a water hating cat a bath because they are extra dirty or got into something they shouldn’t have, make sure to make the situation as comfortable as possible. Get them at a calm time, brush them out, put a bath mat down and make sure to dry them in a warm place. 


Brushing your cat, especially if they have long hair, is one of the most important aspects of grooming. Brushing helps remove dirt and extra hair, while also helping circulation, as well as the overall appearance of your kitty’s skin. Especially in the months when cats start to blow their winter coats, it is important to brush them multiple times a day to avoid having cat hair all over your house. Brushing is also important because it keeps the fur from getting matted and tangled, which can be a whole other dilemma if it gets out of control. 


Just like we clip our own finger nails every couple of weeks, we should also remember to take care of our cats nails as well. When not tended to, cats nails can become extremely long and painful for them to walk around on. Many cats become nervous when you cut their nails, so it is important to keep them calm and feeling safe, as well as, knowing how to properly trim the nail to avoid injury.  Below is a diagram of the correct way to trim cat’s nails to ensure they have a pleasant experience. 


While cats sometimes need a little bit more at home pampering than dogs do, they also do a lot of the work themselves. Keeping up with just a few at-home care items, such as daily brushing and nail maintenance, will ensure that your kitty has a happy and healthy life. If you ever have any questions about grooming please call us at (602) 559-9600 or stop in for a visit.