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May Pet of the Month: Rio

We are proud to announce Rio as our May Pet of the Month.  Against the odds, Rio has survived aggressive surgical removal of large cancer commonly found in dogs, Mast Cell Tumor.  Following surgery, Rio has gone through chemotherapy and is now doing well with no signs of the returning cancer.

The most amazing thing is Rio's attitude.  Throughout the process she has remained one of our happiest and most content patients, no one could ever convince her she was sick!  Now that's one tough cookie! We love ya Rio!!

  1. What is Rio’s favorite thing to do?


  1. What is Rio’s favorite treat?

Carrots and bananas

  1. What is Rio’s favorite toy to play with?

Her squeaky lion- or anything you throw into water so she can jump in and swim after it.

  1. How would you describe Rio?

Fun, loveable and a goof ball.

  1. Does Rio have any nicknames?

Big Girl