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Turkey Bones Spell Trouble for Pets

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and the staff at Laveen Veterinary Center thought it might be a good time to talk about dog safety issues that often arise during Turkey Day.

We all know that dogs love bones and Thanksgiving seems to be a particularly common time for your doggy friend to dig into the trash or even steal turkey bones right off the table. Some folks have been known to give turkey bones to their pooch as a Thanksgiving treat.  

Laveen Veterinary Center doctors warn that these bones are extremely dangerous and can cause all sorts of serious medical issues and suggests that you are extremely careful to ensure your dog doesn’t have a chance to snatch a turkey bone.

Why are bones so bad?  They can cause all sorts of problems including but not limited to puncturing the digestive tract, perforating the intestinal tract or can cause an intestinal blockage requiring pricey emergency surgery to remove the bone. Some bones can become stuck in the esophagus and cause a dog to choke, or can become stuck in the intestinal tract causing dog to need surgery and can at times lead to fatality.  Choking can be a concern with dogs who swallow bones without chewing them adequately. Also, dogs can break teeth by chewing on a bone which often means an expensive repair or extraction.

Take the appropriate steps to protect your dog from an emergency this holiday season,

  • Do not leave bones in your kitchen trash can, instead take them to an outside garbage can that your dog cannot access. 
  • If you’re preparing the Turkey for this holiday meal don’t assume your dog can’t get to it on the kitchen counter. Place it well out of his reach.

Lastly, always say “thanks, but no thanks” to friends, relatives and neighbors who want to give your dog a bone.

Here at Laveen Veterinary Center we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.