COVID-19 Procedures

At this time, clients are unfortunately not permitted to enter our facilities.

Please call upon arriving to the hospital, (602)559-9600.

One of our technicians will obtain a medical history for your pet, ask about questions or concerns
that you would like addressed and review any preventative care that is due or upcoming.

We will either meet you at your car or the front door of the facility to get your pet.

Upon entering the hospital, we will get your pets current weight and vitals, and your veterinarian
will perform a complete physical examination.

Your veterinarian will call you to discuss the findings and make any recommendations.

Upon completion, our customer service representative will assist in checking your pet out over
the phone, and our technician will escort your pet back safely to you.

We understand this is not our preferred or normal work flow, but under the current circumstances
we feel it is the best way to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for understanding and allowing us to take care of your pets :-)