COVID-19 Procedures

Client Re-opening Guidelines

Effective Monday 06.08.2020

We will continue to offer “curbside” patient services. This is our preferred method to provide services for now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any client experiencing fever, coughing, fatigue or other COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted to enter our facility.

Any client with exposure to COVID-19 within 14 days is not permitted to enter our facility.

If you wish to be present during the exam, please follow our listed protocol;

1. Only one person for the patient is allowed into the hospital

2. Clients must wear a facial covering at all times while in the facility. If they do not have a facial covering, one will be provided for you.

3. Your temperature will be taken with our IR thermometer before entering the facility. Any temperature reading above 100 degrees F will not be permitted to enter the facility. We will allow curbside services in these circumstances. We understand that it is HOT outside and that may contribute to elevated body temperatures, but unfortunately we have to take precautions at this time.

4. Clients must wash hands immediately upon arrival in the reception area and then be escorted into their examination room. No clients are permitted to congregate in the reception area.

5. Once in the exam room, the doctor and technician will enter and perform the requested services. Clients will not be permitted to assist in patient restraint and must maintain a maximum of social distancing while in the examination room.

6. You will be checked out in the examination room using our remote merchant services. This minimize touch as much as possible.

7. Once services are complete, you may leave the exam room and immediately exit the hospital.

8. Examination rooms are completely disinfected between each client.