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Train Your Dog Month

Woman Holding Doberman Pinscher's Right Foot Close-up Photo

January is Train Your Dog Month and we’re celebrating by sharing some of our best tips for a successful training session every time. Start the new year off on the right paw and get serious about your dog’s behavior.

Stick to Familiar Environments
If you’re teaching your dog new commands, this is extremely important to help them learn. If you try to train your dog at a busy dog park, or where there is a lot of noise, they’ll easily become distracted and won’t absorb the information or instructions you’re giving them. Stay at your home or in your yard where they’re used to their surroundings.

Use Positive Reinforcement
It’s easy to notice bad behavior by our pets, but it’s important that we don’t focus on that. The best way to improve your pet’s actions is with positive reinforcement. It’s okay to tell them no if they do something you don’t like, but don’t forget to follow-up after seeing good behavior.

Be Consistent
The only way your dog will learn the rules of the house, or a new command, is with consistency. Every family member should be on the same page during the training process. If your rule is no dog on the couch, make sure no one is allowing the dog on the couch. If this happened, it could cause confusion and setbacks in their training.

Always End on a Positive Note
Let your dog know they did their best with excitement in your voice, actions and a treat or two. This will cause them to feel excitement as well, and ultimately help them look forward to the next session!

Training your dog is a great way to build a bond with them, as well as make life easier for the whole family. The most important thing to remember is keeping things consistent and light. If you have any questions about training your pets, feel free to reach out to your vet for more information. Happy training!