Veterinary Services - Laveen, AZ

At Laveen Veterinary Center (LVC) your pets' health and wellbeing is very important to us, and we take every possible measure to provide your animals with the treatment that they deserve. Our veterinary services cover a wide array of care for your furry family member to ensure the best quality of life for your pet.

From preventative care to, pet education and ultrasounds, Dr. Ware and his team strive to provide the recommendations and options for the best possible medical care for your pet.

Cat & Dog preventative care

Preventative annual exams are essential to provide the best medicine for your pet.  Through thorough physical examinations, your pet can live longer, healthier lives.

Preventive exams may also uncover disease earlier through screening tests which can lead to improved treatment prognosis and enhanced quality of life for your pet.

Puppy Vaccinations

Vaccinating your new puppy is the right approach to a long and healthy life. It's also the best way to prevent your dog from getting nearly impossible to cure diseases like Parvo. Read more about puppy vaccinations.


Canine Parvovirus affects both dogs and puppies and has been reduced tremendously over the years by early vaccination in young puppies. We have a page describing in detail the symptoms and treatment for parvovirus.

Senior care and geriatric medicine

Did you know that our pets may exhibit similar age-related changes just like we do as we age?  These conditions can be addressed during our 6-month senior examinations as our pets "get over the hill." You can view more information on our Senior Pet Care and Geriatric Medicine page.

As the quality of veterinary medicine improves, our pets are living longer and happier lives with senior care and geriatric medicine!

Pet education

At Laveen our Veterinarians love pets, and we also like talking about pets!  We understand that educating our clients is vital for the health of their furry family member through their life. Check out our blog as we address everyday situations such as traveling with your pet to information on the tools we use to treat your pet.

If you have interest on a specific topic we encourage you to explore our current issues, and if you can't find the information that you were looking for, please contact us, and we would be happy to supply the information to you.

Laboratory testing and diagnostics

Laveen Veterinary Center can perform comprehensive laboratory testing for your dog or cat.  After screening, the results will be discussed with owners to help screen, monitor and diagnose diseases.

Digital radiology (X-ray)

Our state of the art, digital X-ray and digital dental x-ray have high resolution to enhance our diagnostic capabilities.  The X-rays are reviewed by our veterinarians, and can also be sent for review to a board-certified veterinary radiologist if it is deemed necessary.


Ultrasound is used to enhance our internal imaging ability where we can visualize internal structures in real time. The ability to have this available dramatically improves our diagnostic capabilities.

Dentistry and oral surgery

Have Max's kisses been less cute however far more stinky? The oral health of our pets is something we take very seriously.

Just like humans cat and dog teeth cleanings are an essential part of your Pets general health and oral hygiene and a thorough examination of the mouth will help determine if a trip to the veterinary dentist is necessary. It also provides us with an opportunity to discuss with our clients how to help prevent periodontal disease.

If a tooth extraction is necessary, our Veterinarians are skilled in oral surgery including complicated tooth extractions and flap procedures to prevent open sockets.

Internal medicine

The veterinarians at Laveen Veterinary Center are experienced in diagnosis and treatment of common and uncommon diseases in our pets.  Metabolic, endocrine and infectious disease beware, the vets at LVC are here!

General and advanced soft tissue surgery

The surgical suite at Laveen Veterinary Center provides an environment for our experienced veterinarians to perform routine veterinary procedures and advanced abdominal and soft tissue surgical procedures.

Comprehensive anesthesia is monitored to ensure the highest safety for our patients during the surgical procedure.

Following surgery, we focus on appropriate pain management and postoperative care to facilitate the quickest recoveries for our surgical patients.

Orthopedic surgery

The veterinarians at Laveen Veterinary Center know which "bones to pick."  Dr. Evan Ware has developed a special interest in veterinary orthopedics and is experienced in treating patients' orthopedic problems surgically and medically.

Dr. Ware's experiences cover a broad spectrum of orthopedic problems that include degenerative joint disease (arthritis), complicated fracture repair and Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) for craniate cruciate ligament injury (it's the equivalent to a torn ACL in people). 

Pain management

Assessing pain levels in our animal patients can be very challenging since our pets can't tell us what hurts. Our veterinary services include identifying subtle cues, searching for the primary source of pain and developing an appropriate pain management plan is one of our passions.

At Laveen Veterinary Center you can count on us to provide comfort for your dog and cat when pain management is necessary.

To learn more about the veterinary services at Laveen Veterinary Center request an appointment or call (602) 559-9600