The Pawsitive Side of Quarantine

Being in quarantine is stressful,but we want to focus on the “pawsitive” side! Being stuck at home doesn’t have to feel like punishment if you know how to pass the time. Here are a few pet-friendly ideas on how to make your time at home more enjoyable.

Have a Training Session - Most dogs love to learn, so bust out the treat bag (just don’t go overboard!) and master sit, stay and roll over. If you run out of treats, other things like their favorite toy, ear scratches or regular kibble fed by hand.

Make Some Goodies - we know everyone seems to be taking this time to bake, so why not include your dog in on the fun. After all, everyone loves treats!

Craft - Whether it’s making something for your pet, or having your pet create their own masterpiece, crafts are a great way to keep your mind busy on something constructive.

Grooming - since you can't take your pet to the groomer right now, why not do it yourself! Grab the shampoo and give your pet a bath or spend some quality time brushing out those luscious locks!  

Snuggle Time - Now more than ever, those pet snuggles are worth their weight in gold! Studies have shown that petting dogs and cats can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and have an overall calming effect.