Celebrating National Pet Week at Home

We are coming to the end of National Pet Week on May 9th and while you may be used to getting out with your pet whenever and wherever you please, things have certainly changed. While we are still encouraged to social distance and stay home when possible, you can still celebrate your pet this weekend for National Pet Week. Here are some ideas on throwing your pet the ultimate "pup"arty at home. 

The food is always the first thought when it comes to your pet. If you're like us, you've been going to the grocery store far more often than normal. Next time you venture out, don't forget about your pup. Add some of their favorite treats to your grocery list, or cook up something on your own. We know anything with peanut butter, pumpkin or cheese in it will be a winner! 

After you cook up your treats, get your dog's energy flowing with some games! You can hide treats throughout your backyard and let your pup loose to find them. Or you can simply play an ultimate game of fetch and only quit when your dog wants to. After all, you have all the time in the world to focus on them right now! If you live in a neighborhood where you can keep your distance, we suggest taking an early morning walk or wait until the sun goes down. 

Since their friends can't quite be there to join in on the celebration, why not Facetime or Skype in their best fur buddy. We know that connection is everything to humans and while your dog is most likely fine with it being just you, this one is really for the owner!  Play a game with your friends and talk about what you love most about your dog. Release the positive thoughts to make it through this crazy time we are living in. 

Whatever you decide to do for your pet, don't forget to document this time. After all there are still memories to be made!