Summer Safety Tips for Pets

School is out, the heat is on, which means, summer must be here! If you'll be spending time outdoors this summer, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure your furry friends are comfortable.

Sun & Heat: pets can become dehydrated quickly. Know the signs of overheating (excessive panting, increased heart rate and weakness). Make sure your pet has access to fresh water and a shady air conditioned place.

Fireworks & Thunderstorms: one in five pets goes missing after being scared by loud noises, so keep them in a quiet, secure area at home. If your pet goes missing, there is a free step-by-step toolkit that will help from the

Parties & BBQs: make sure your pet can't get into human food, especially grapes, onion, avocado, chocolate and alcoholic drinks.

Hot cars: don't leave your pet in the car, even with the windows cracked. A car's temperature can reach 100 degrees in 10 minutes on an 85 degree day.

Toxic chemicals: insecticides, insect repellents, sunscreen, citronella products and glow sticks are toxic, so keep them away from your pets.