5 Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is going to focus on the humans this year. We all have someone in our life that loves dogs more than life itself. Probably so much so that they would rather be with their dog than actual humans. Here are some gift ideas that will paw-sitively win over the human as well as their four-legged friends in your life. 

Custom Renaissance-Style Pet Painting
Pet owners will love seeing their favorite fur ball portrayed in these custom masterpieces created by VanWoof.

Corki Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper
It's a corki! Get it?

How To Speak Dog Cards
They'll never have to guess what their precious pooch is trying to tell them again!

BFF Pet Parent and Child Graphic Tee
Never guess again where you fall in their friend lineup—behind the dog, always.

Matching Dog Collar & Owner Friendship Bracelet
Not only will your friend's pooch look glamorous in this cute collar, but your friend will too! It comes with a matching bracelet.