5 Misconceptions About Cats

Cats are mysterious creatures, but isn't that what makes us love them the most! Because of this mysteriousness, cats often get a lot of misconceptions thrown at them. It's time to debunk some! 

Cats Don’t Need Attention
Cats are known to be solitary animals, but this is actually quite far from the truth. Yes, they may do better at being alone than dogs, but it doesn’t mean they are not social animals. Cats form strong bonds with their humans and can become stressed and lonely if left alone for extended periods. They need love and attention, so don’t think you should get a cat if you’re going to be away all the time.

Cats Can’t Be Trained
You might not see many jumping through hoops and rolling over, but cats can definitely be trained. Think about teaching your cat to use the litter box – that’s training. Using clicker training and tasty treats, many cat owners are finding that teaching their cats tricks is easier than ever.

Cats Don’t Need Exercise
This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Cats need physical and mental exercise just like any other living creature. Playing with your cat stimulates their body and mind, and allows you both to spend quality time together. This offers them the loving attention and physical and mental exercise that they need for happy, healthy lives.

Cats Have 9 Lives
We’ve all heard this, but we all know cats only have one life. Making sure your cat gets annual veterinary visits to prevent any illnesses will make sure this one life lasts a long time. Taking your cat to the vet only when sick is not recommended, because so many ailments can be prevented with routine care.

Black Cats Are Bad Luck
This myth comes from ancient times when people were being accused of witchcraft. These people often had black cats which soon became associated with the witchcraft. Myths started that witches were able to turn themselves into black cats, and the rumors spread from there. Now, though, we know that black cats are just as good as any other cats.