Work/Life Balance and Being a Pet Owner

Woman Lying on Sofa With Cat by Her Foot

Life can be chaotic. Trying to find a balance in between work, friendships, family, relationships, being a parent to a child or an animal. We want to help you find the balance of being at home with your pet and being out and living your life. It can be easy to feel guilty for leaving your pets at home, but we do not want you to feel that way! Here is some advice on finding your own balance between working and living, while being a pet owner. 

Keep Your Pet Entertained

Make sure your animal has toys and treats to keep them occupied. Yes we said it, treats! Treats are a good distraction for your animal if you are trying to run out the door. Leave toys, food and water for them too. If you are feeling extra guilty, turn on the TV. It will replicate in-person voices for them to feel as if someone else is in the house. 

Hire A Dog Walker

This is a great option for those who are busy 9-5. There are many new apps, websites and other means where you can hire a dog walker to come visit your pet during the day. If your animal gets along with other animals, consider doggy day care, where you can drop them off for the day. 

Let Go Of Your Guilt

This is the most important one. Let go of your guilt. Your animal cannot tell time and will not be upset that you are gone. Most animals use this time to sleep so they can be excited when they finally see you. Do not let this drag you down when there are many options to consider. 

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