Summer Plans for Your Pet

Soaked Wet Long-coated Dog Opens Mouth at Water Streams on Green Grass

Summer is not only an exciting time for the students getting out of school, but it’s also exciting for the animals who are ready to get outside and enjoy the nice weather! You may have booked your summer up, but that does not mean you have to leave your animal out of all the plans! Want some inspiration? Here are five summer activities you can do with your pet!

Puppy Pool Party

A puppy pool party? Sounds like an amazing time! Fill up a kiddie pool, invite all your dog’s best friends, and throw a party! Nothing will be cuter than that. It is simple and is a great way for you to connect with your friends, as well.

Lake Day

Animals love feeling free! Bringing them to the lake could be a great bonding opportunity for you and your animal. Don’t forget your extra snacks and drinkable water for your animal, as we all know it’s hot out there!

Hiking Trail

This option can be tricky as Arizona summers are way too hot. Try opting for an early morning hike or when the sun is about to go down. We always recommend doing the hand test. If you can’t leave the back of your hand on the ground, than it’s too hot for your pets. 

Dinner and a Movie

Want a relaxing night in? Rent a movie and order takeout. If you are feeling more fancy, go out to an animal friendly restaurant first, then come home and watch a movie. The options are endless! Bonus points for your pets if it’s a movie featuring animals!

Long Car Ride

Dogs LOVE long car rides and they can be truly relaxing! Roll down the window and let them stick their tongues into the air, an experience that they truly love. 

Summer is full of opportunities for you and your pets, so try to spend a little more time with them each day! Are you in need of a summer checkup for your pet? Visit to schedule.