How Important Are Checkups?

Pet’s age at a faster rate (6-7 times faster) so we need to monitor them more than most humans need to be monitored. It is a great way to catch potential issues before they turn into something worse. Here are three facts about annual checkups. 

What to expect in a checkup:

When you go to a typical check up, we look into: weight of the animal, heart rate, temperature, we inspect their eyes, ears, and coat, listen to their heart and lungs, palpating vital organs such as liver and kidneys, and we look at their teeth and gums. A majority of these things cannot be done at home. 

When you should bring in your pet for their first checkup:

When you first pick up your fur baby, we suggest coming in for their initial round of shots to prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworm. It is important to do these checkups because your animal cannot communicate how it is feeling with you. We do not want them living a life full of discomfort due to a lack of checkups. 

When to know your pet needs a checkup:

Make sure you are paying attention to your pet’s behaviors. If they are limping without a pain cause, that could lead to something more serious. If their energy or mood is changing, that could be a sign of a serious illness. Pay attention to your pet’s skin and body fat to make sure there are no random lumps.

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