Health Problems Dog Owners Ignore

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Are you curious about what you are missing when it comes to a completely healthy dog? Even if that seems impossible, there could be many things you are ignoring. Here are some things to look out for this Spring to make sure your dog is happy and healthy.

Ear Problems

Ear Infections in dogs happen quite often and people always bring in their dogs to receive antibiotics. Pet owners start to believe ear infections are a normal thing for dogs and only bring them in for the initial check up. Do not confuse “common” for “normal”. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes and handle the situation they are going through at the beginning!

Dental Disease 

You know the term “doggy breath”? It could be worse than you think it is. It could be caused by an inflammation of the gums or rotten teeth. If you smell a puppy smell in your dog’s breath, open their mouths and look around to see if it is something they ate or worse!

Pests and Skin Issues

You know the feeling when you are attacked by ants or annoyed by bugs? Dogs feel that all the time and it is worse when dealing with ticks. Luckily, we have spray to help us out right away but do not forget about your pet! If your dog is constantly scratching, bring them in! 


Surprise, this doesn’t just happen to humans. A arthritic dog cannot communicate what hurts, when it started hurting, how painful it is, or if they are suffering. The common assumption is that the dog will slow down with age, but you must handle this situation before it gets to that point.


Is your dog overweight? Is he struggling to get up each morning? Fat can be a killer to your animal. Make sure you are communicating with your vet about how to keep your pup healthy and to make sure you are feeding them all the right things. 

We hope these simple tips will inspire you to pay a little more attention to your dog each day. Consider what it is like to be them when they can’t communicate with you about how they are feeling. If you have any more questions regarding your pets health, visit