Year of the Dog


It’s the Year of the Earth Dog, according to Chinese Holiday zodiac signs. These signs are known by many but, who truly understands the meaning! This post will dig into the meaning of the Year of the Earth Dog and provide some fun facts about what this year will bring!

*Fun fact! Did you know there are 12 different animals and 5 different elements to determine the “energy” of the year? Do you know yours?

  1. What is an “Earth Dog”?

Earth is associated with the color yellow. The Year of the Earth Dog is therefore also known as the Year of the Yellow Dog. Yellow and Earth go together.

So what does it mean to mix the two?

The Dog represents sincerity, independence, and cleverness. They are man’s best friend and are very loyal, devoted, and trustworthy. The Earth element represents growth and intention. It represents harmony, peace, hard work, and stability.

So far, so good. This sounds like a great year!

2. What to look out for?

The Dog has many characteristics like: quick to offer a helping hand, staying vigilant for people, focusing on everyone else’s needs, and keeping a good balance! This is a very energetic year! This will be a year full of harmony, peace, unity, and joy! How rewarding.

What is in store for the babies born in the Year of the Dog?

You will be lucky parents because if your baby is born in the Year of the Dog, it will obtain the same characteristics and who wouldn’t love that?

3. How can we celebrate the year of the Dog?

  • Visiting animal rescue organizations

  • Helping out your local pet pantry organizations

  • Assisting therapy dog organizations

  • Be apart of

  • Reach out to Pets of the Homeless organization and see if you can be of service

Do you feel like a Year of the Dog expert now? We can’t wait to celebrate this year with all your dogs.