Finding out your Dog's Breed

Are you curious about what breed your dog actually is? Maybe they have some characteristics that do not line up with the breed you thought they were! There are many different ways to figure out who your dog is outside of the classic DNA testing. 

We wanted to help you skip past your internet search and get straight to the point! Here are three different ways to determine which breed your dog actually is:

1. Search through dog photos!

Great websites to help you are and This process works best for purebred dogs, but not so much mutts. It can be hard to tell if your dog is a mix but you can get a basic idea through these websites by comparing their characteristics. You can also tell a lot through through their personalities.

This is a great and cheap option if you are not as curious as some. If your dog is a mix of about 8 different breeds, skip this one and go to the next option!

2. Get a professional’s opinion

Go straight to the experts! They could help a lot more than you know by just doing a regular check up with your pet. They can help give you a better look into what your pet actually is, but nothing will be as accurate as a DNA Test. Animal Shelters also can help you in this area. They are great for second opinions or just conversations.

3. DNA Testing

This is your best option if you want a clear analysis of your animal. It can cost $60-$70 for a basic test. You can easily get this done through your vet and you will find out everything you need to know. A great one to look into is Wisdom Panel. The thing to remember is that if your pet is a mix of over 10 things, the analysis can lose its accuracy a little bit. 

It is so important to know who your dog truly is as it can play a huge part in your pet’s health conditions and what they need or are lacking. Your dog will thank you later...