Heat Awareness


With temperatures rising here in Arizona, it is important to be extremely cautious of when and where you walk your dog. Would you want to step out onto the asphalt in 100 plus degree weather without shoes on? No? Then neither does your dog! Dogs’ paws are equally as sensitive as the bottom of your own feet, which is why it is so important to be aware of the time of day you walk your dog. 

Everyone knows the temperatures in Arizona get to sweltering numbers, but have you ever thought about how hot the ground gets? We all have different limits when it comes to pain and tolerance for heat, but here are just a few average numbers to think about when stepping outside without the proper attire: 


120  - burns after 5 to 10 seconds, especially in water immersion 

140 - burns after one minute of contact or water immersion for average adult 


120- initial pain threshold without permanent damage

140- burns, permanent damage and scarring after one minute of contact 

150- rapid burns and blistering 

Below is a graphic on asphalt temperatures vs. air temperatures. Note that these temperatures only go up to 87 degrees and it gets at least 30 degrees hotter here in Arizona. Everyone has seen the videos of people frying eggs on the pavement, so just imagine what your little pups feet feel like when they walk on the hot ground. 

Another problem we often face here in Arizona is how hot the interior of our cars get. A car sits outside for barely ten minutes and you can’t even grip the steering wheel. Even if the outside temperature seems bearable, the inside of a car is at least 20 degrees hotter and not suitable for a dog to be left in. 

You can check out videos from Dr. Ware here and here, talking more about the importance of heat awareness in the summer time. As always if you have any questions give us a call at 602-559-9600 or bring your pet in for a visit! And remember it’s getting hot out there, so if you wouldn’t stay in the car or go outside without shoes, your pets shouldn’t either.