Gift Giving Guide

Tis the season of giving, and that also means for your four legged friends. Having a pet doesn’t have to be boring! Here is a list of gifts that are chic and practical pet products that your furry friend is sure to love! 


If you have a dog or cat you know there are always toys laying around the house so why not have more stylish toys? 

These antler chews are rustic and woodsy (no animals were harmed in the making). Found on

Dogs love a good rope but they can get messy and gross. This elephant found on is the perfect compromise for you and your pup! 


And for the kitty, how about some fortune cookies filled with catnip!



Comfy and cozy! Humans take pride in making their beds nice, comfortable places to sleep, so why not give your pets the same luxury. 

This dog bed adds a little sparkle to the room and isn’t an eyesore in the room. This one is found at

Here’s a cute bed for your feline friends, found on This is a perfect hiding place for the kitty that again, doesn’t stick out in a room. 



This gift is more for the owner than it is the pet, but the pet will benefit as well. No one likes bulky metal dishes or ugly treat jars. Here are a few trendy options that will look great in your house and make your pet happy too! 

These cute splatter paint dishers can be found on


For the girlier owner dog duo, this floral print bowl is the perfect addition. Found on

The holidays are in full swing and we hope you’ve found some inspiration for gifts for your furry friends! Stop by our website or call at (602) 559-9600 for more info about our services.