Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is popular amongst us humans, but how do our furry friends feel about it? They aren’t able to walk to house to house to collect candy, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the festivities. Here’s some great ideas to safely incorporate your pets into the Halloween activities. 


One of the easiest ways to get pets in on the fun is dressing up with them. Get creative! Think of your favorite book or movie and turn your dog into your sidekick for a night! 


Taking your dogs out for trick-or-treating is fun and great exercise for them. If your dog is good at meeting new people when you walk door to door, they’ll love trick-or-treating. 

Treats Are Not For Pets

Once you’re home with your collection of Halloween “winnings”, it’s important to keep them out of reach of pets. Not only is chocolate toxic to dogs, other sweets with artificial sweeteners in them are as well.

Safely Away From Strangers

While you may think the best way to keep dogs away from the door, and trick-or-treaters, is keeping them outside, this could put them in even more dangerous situations. There’s a lot of people out on Halloween night, and not all are nice. Keep your dogs inside on the 31st to prevent any teasing or injuries that could happen to them. If you have a timid dog who doesn’t like a lot of people by their front door, create a nice safe place in the house. A bedroom with a closed door is the ideal place. 

Halloween isn’t just for the kids! Pets are ready to be in on the fun, if they’re up for it, that is. Follow these simple tips to keep your dog happy and safe on this spooky night. If you have any questions you can visit our website, or call us at 602-559-9600.